Culture, inclusion and diversity

We believe that a culture of true diversity and inclusion is vital to the happiness of our people and the success of our business.

A culture that embraces diversity and inclusion

We are committed to being a fully inclusive employer and actively seek to promote equal opportunities through our various initiatives and partnerships.

We also strive to ensure our recruitment process is inclusive to all applicants, while also promoting diverse ideas and perspectives to our current workforce.

Our initiatives

Through our growing number of initiatives, we are always looking for ways to become a more diverse business.

Health and Wellbeing Champions

Our Health and Wellbeing Champions are committed to helping team members look after their physical and mental health, as well as ensuring they feel supported in the workplace.

They also help us to hold events throughout the year to promote a healthy lifestyle and raise awareness for different health conditions.

Mental Health First Aiders

We have a dedicated group of trained Mental Health First Aiders, who provide confidential support and assistance to anyone experiencing issues affecting their mental wellbeing.

As well as offering a confidential listening ear, they are trained to recommend where to go for additional support if needed.

Culture, Inclusion and Diversity (CID) Champions

Our CID Champions promote a culture of inclusion and diversity across the business and work with our senior leadership team to help the business improve in these areas.

With a focus on under-represented groups, they meet regularly with the aim of:

  • enhancing employee engagement
  • creating a sense of belonging
  • improving the employee experience
  • enhancing innovation
  • improving leadership skills and abilities.

The ARC Alliance

The ARC Alliance aims to make sure LGBTQ+ employees are always treated with respect and dignity, while also providing them with access to a non-judgemental support service.

It also allows them to influence policies, practises and procedures to ensure they are of an inclusive nature.

Working Parents’ Network

Our Working Parents’ Network was set up to provide a forum for team members across the business to discuss the challenges all working parents face.

This allows them to share experiences, support each other and suggest improvements.

Sustainability Working Group

The Sustainability Working Group, which is made of people from across the business, meets regularly with the aim of:

  • aligning business sustainability strategies
  • creating new sustainability initiatives
  • ensuring progress towards environmental and sustainability goals
  • growing the business to be a resilient and responsible leader within the sector.

People’s Council

Our People’s Council listens to the views of our people, highlights areas of improvement and shares ideas for positive change.

This helps to ensure all voices are heard and working conditions are constantly improving for our people.

Our partnerships

We work with a number of partners alongside our people to help us build and develop an inclusive culture.


The covenant focuses on providing members of the armed forces with the same access to starting a new career as other people.

Applicants who have previously served in the armed forces, and meet the minimum requirements for the job, will automatically be invited for an interview.


As a Disability Confident Employer, we will guarantee a job interview to any applicant who declares they have a disability, as long as they meet the minimum requirements for the role.

We are also committed to ensuring our recruitment process is inclusive and accessible, while also supporting current employees with disabilities or long-term health conditions.


We have partnered with the National Autistic Society to help us understand, embrace and increase neurodiversity through the Autism at Work programme.

This programme allows us to advertise roles on the society’s network and provide tailored support to candidates with autism. Managers and direct team members of successful candidates are entitled to training too.