Treatment and Surface Water Pond

The aim of this project was to increase the capacity and provide water treatment to one of the largest water treatment facilities at Hinkley Point C. The facility was designed to hold 14,500m3 of water, treated in accordance with the Environmental Agency requirements prior to being released into the water course.

The works involved the removal of 4,000m3 of silt, formation of the pond by rock breaking to increase storage capacity, lining of the pond to prevent leakage, creation of associated drainage systems and the formation of a new reinforced concrete treatment plant. 

We interrogated the original design to identify areas where value engineering could be undertaken in order to benefit the overall cost and programme. The scheme provided an efficient storage area to allow successful treatment prior to discharge within the water course.

The location of the project was challenging due to the works being on an existing water management pond that could be required at short notice in an extreme weather event. Therefore, close co-ordination and collaboration was required between our delivery and operational teams.

We designed the project, taking into consideration the challenges of working close to the sea wall, live treatment facilities and deep excavation temporary works. The final design takes into consideration the treatment plant units and how the end user will operate the scheme throughout its life cycle.

The treatment and surface water pond was completed prior to the onset of the winter weather within the programmed timescale of 33 weeks.


We provide effective designs which consider whole lifecycle costs, including usage, asset failure risk and asset replacement.

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