Waste Consolidation Centre

This design and build project was to deliver a recycling building, hard surfaces for skip and lorry access, as well as the integration of a weighbridge into the ground to maximise usable space.

The scheme comprised of a 312m2 steel framed and cladded building, with associated drainage and ducting. Internally, the building was fitted with lights, power, water supplies and reinforced concrete tipping wall. The building is housed within an 8,500m2 tarmac surfaced yard, designed and installed for heavy vehicle use. The drainage infrastructure was designed to provide a sealed system to the recycling building area and an interceptor to the surfaced yard, preventing any loss of contaminates into the water course.

The build site was handed over to our team as a stoned area, with several critical services within the scheme footprint. The initial process was to understand the location and depth of all buried services and design the building accordingly.

We designed and built a scheme that allowed the recycling of all site waste products in a contained and efficient space. The design was reviewed and delivered to an agreed budget and timescale.

The project was completed and handed over in two phases. The first phase was to facilitate a large open space to store a waste transfer plant and skips. The second phase was the completion of the skip shed and recycling facility. We engaged with the client and end users to understand all required constraints, and the waste consolidation centre was completed on time, within budget and met all expectations.


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